Is Your Metabolism Declining? Let’s Boost It! Part 1of 3.

Until age 20 our metabolism is the very highest. From that point on it declines.  Are you over 40 and struggling with your weight? Well, that is exactly what’s happening. Your metabolism is slowing down, so let’s talk about how we are able to boost it!

It is important to know that too little exercise and eating more carbohydrates creates a slower metabolism and excess body fat.  Here are a few tips to help to boost your sleeping metabolism and create a fat burning machine.  Gaining weight as we get older is completely avoidable so let’s check out these simple tips.

  1. Make it a habit to drink a whey protein shake every day for breakfast. It is also a great time to incorporate fruit, potassium and anti oxidants into your diet. Use blueberries and bananas and experiment with low fat coconut milk or almond milk. These are delicious alternatives to make your shake even tastier! Make sure and read the labels; look for low carb, low fat whey protein powder with very little or almost no sugar.  Milk or soy based products do not boost the metabolism the way high quality whey proteins do.
  2. Your metabolism speeds up when you digest green vegetables.  Make it a new habit to fill half your plate with vegetables and eat as many green vegetables as possible!
  3. Make sure that you move for an hour every day. Pick some sort of exercise to do every day and vary it so you never get bored. Know that muscle burns fat all day long, and unfortunately we are losing muscle every day unless you are, instead, building it. For an incredible metabolic burning workout make sure and lift weights 2-3 times a week and work out your entire body in a circuit style.

Keep your eyes open for part 2 and 3 of Is Your Metabolism Declining? Let’s Boost It!

About juliajmueller

I love exercise, interacting with nature, playing music, the beauty of looking out over miles of ocean, boating, motoring and sailing, the mountains, desert, hiking, horses, animals. I love to cook and I enjoy obtaining new knowledge and skills. I am passionate about assisting people to lose weight permanently through the use of hypnosis, sharing and feeling love and allowing myself to be happy and full of gratitude on a daily basis. I am very passionate about life in general. I am goal oriented and working towards moving my business on line and teaching what I do so that I can travel and live anywhere that I so desire. Interests: Reading, music,creating low fat healthy, flavorful dishes, growing and cooking with fresh herbs and garden vegetables, sipping and trying new wines, playing the guitar/ piano, maintaining health through Pilates and mind & body fitness. Communing with nature, gardening, hiking, horseback riding,camping, fishing, sailing, boating and TRAVEL!!!
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