Anti-aging, Weight Loss and Hypnosis.

If you want to feel and look younger you must first get past our cultural brainwashing that paints such a negative picture of a decline that is said to be inevitable in which you have no control. Hypnosis is an effective tool for changing attitude, behaviors and habits.There are too many examples of individuals who have excelled in their later to allow us to accept that idea. Set a positive intention to actually do something constructively enhancing along the lines of exercise (mental and physical), proper hydration and diet.

You would find it to be extremely beneficial to consider learning and practicing mind/body practices like self-hypnosis and meditation to help you control stress. It is certainly well-documented that continual stress creates negative changes in our physiology that can accelerate the aging process. Allowing yourself to enter a relaxed state of mind and body on a regular basis can also allow you to make incredible changes on a cellular level as well as a behavioral level.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis have the added advantage that enables you to reprogram the behaviors and attitudes needed for a more youthful state while you relax. enables you to lose the weight that you have been trying to lose and keep it off permanently, which also removes the excess stress on the body and joints that absolutely affects our health and our mortality rate.

Keep your eyes open for some fun anti-aging bonuses that are coming up soon!

About juliajmueller

I love exercise, interacting with nature, playing music, the beauty of looking out over miles of ocean, boating, motoring and sailing, the mountains, desert, hiking, horses, animals. I love to cook and I enjoy obtaining new knowledge and skills. I am passionate about assisting people to lose weight permanently through the use of hypnosis, sharing and feeling love and allowing myself to be happy and full of gratitude on a daily basis. I am very passionate about life in general. I am goal oriented and working towards moving my business on line and teaching what I do so that I can travel and live anywhere that I so desire. Interests: Reading, music,creating low fat healthy, flavorful dishes, growing and cooking with fresh herbs and garden vegetables, sipping and trying new wines, playing the guitar/ piano, maintaining health through Pilates and mind & body fitness. Communing with nature, gardening, hiking, horseback riding,camping, fishing, sailing, boating and TRAVEL!!!
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