Wipe Out Fatigue; Second Best Reason to Detoxify Your Body.

Wipe Out Fatigue
Feeling tired, run down or just lacking zip! Oftentimes, toxic build up will create a sluggish feeling. Lacking energy along with many other body clues can be a wakeup call that it is time for a good, clean, healthy cleanse. I always look forward to cleansing my body, because after I have completed it, at the end of 7 days, I feel great! It is one of the very most efficient ways of increasing your metabolism because, after flushing out the toxins, your body is much more efficient at absorbing all the valuable vitamins and minerals that your body ingests. Don’t miss tomorrows third of five reasons to detoxify your body!

About juliajmueller

I love exercise, interacting with nature, playing music, the beauty of looking out over miles of ocean, boating, motoring and sailing, the mountains, desert, hiking, horses, animals. I love to cook and I enjoy obtaining new knowledge and skills. I am passionate about assisting people to lose weight permanently through the use of hypnosis, sharing and feeling love and allowing myself to be happy and full of gratitude on a daily basis. I am very passionate about life in general. I am goal oriented and working towards moving my business on line and teaching what I do so that I can travel and live anywhere that I so desire. Interests: Reading, music,creating low fat healthy, flavorful dishes, growing and cooking with fresh herbs and garden vegetables, sipping and trying new wines, playing the guitar/ piano, maintaining health through Pilates and mind & body fitness. Communing with nature, gardening, hiking, horseback riding,camping, fishing, sailing, boating and TRAVEL!!!
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